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Accommodation rules

  • 1. The hotel can accommodate only a guest, who is properly registered. For this purpose the guest is obliged to submit his passport or another valid ID upon his arrival within the check-in procedure.
  • 2. The hotel provides accommodation, restaurant services and other services at least in the extent of the given standards on hotel classification.
  • 3. In special cases the guest can be offered another accommodation than the one agreed in the reservation, unless it is basically different from the confirmed booking.
  • 4. The check-in time is from 2.00pm, in special cases earlier. The room reservation is kept and the hotel is obliged to accommodate the guest until 10.00pm on the check-in day, unless otherwise agreed in the booking.
  • 5. Unless otherwise agreed, the guest is obliged to check out not later than 10.00am on the last day of his stay, and shall vacate the room at the same time. If the guest wishes to extend his stay, he must inform the receptionist. If the guest fails to do so, extra fees will be charged to the guest in accordance with the current price-list.
  • 6. The guest who asks to extend his stay may be offered another room than the one in which he was originally accommodated.
  • 7. The guest is obliged to pay for the accommodation and related services in accordance with the current price-list upon check-out, unless otherwise agreed.
  • 8. After receiving a room the guest shall immediatelly verify all appliances in the room and report the established deficiencies and faults to the receptionist.
  • 9. Upon departure the guest is obliged to hand over the room with all its belongings, shall close the windows and water taps, switch off electrical appliances and close the room door. The key card and borrowed articles are to be handed over at the reception desk. The guest who looses the card will be charged a fine of 20,- €.
  • 10. The guest agrees that during his accommodation period the hotel staff is entitled to enter the guest`s room and perform its duties.
  • 11. The guest is not allowed to move any equipment or to interfere with the mains or other installations in the guest room or other spaces of the hotel, unless permitted by the hotel management.
  • 12. The hotel is a non-smoking area so the guest is not allowed to smoke in the room or other parts of the hotel. A guest who 100,- €.
  • 13. Damage caused to the property of the hotel and excessive pollution, guest is responsible under the applicable regulations.
  • 14. The hotel is responsible for the guest` s money and other valuables kept in the hotel safe deposit box.
  • 15. A non-hotel guest can visit a hotel guest to his room only if the receptionist and the hotel guest allow it.
  • 16. A guest may not disturb the nighttime peace in the period from 10.00pm to 6.00am.
  • 17. The hotel will provide medical assistance and the guest`s transfer to hospital in case a guest becomes seriously ill or injured.
  • 18. Complaints, suggestions or requirements regarding the hotel`s activities are welcomed by the hotel management.
  • 19. These rules were made for safety reasons and to avoid misunderstandings. So we kindly ask the guests to respect and obey them, otherwise the hotel can withdraw from providing the agreed hotel service.

  • The hotel is monitored by security cameras.
  • The accommodation rules are valid from 1 October 2015.