Visit our restaurant and immerse yourself in the taste of true italian food, prepared by an experienced team. You´ll find a wide variety of italian cuisine, from Pasta Bolognese or Lasagne al forno, exotic fish to a crispy freshly baked pizza from our stone oven, as well as traditional local food. Choose from our collection of quality wines from Italy or Hungary. It also serves as a venue for different kinds of events like weddings or bithday or business parties.

À la carte

Enjoy a taste of Italy

Genuine italian food

Crispy fresh oven baked pizza

Large collection of quality wines

A place for private events

Great value for money, restaurant was fantastic and the beer great, would highly recommend!

Daily offer

Enjoy your lunch

Every working day

Tasty soup or starter

Choice from 3 sorts of main course with a salad

Delicious dessert

Velünk avatták fel az újonan beépített kemencét az étteremben és mondanom sem kell, nagyon jó pizzát készítettek benne!

Italian pizza

Make your choice

Fresh from an italian wood fired oven

Crispy dough and rich toppings

Large variety of ingredients


reception desk: +421 (0)905 26 20 92

restaurant: +421 (0)908 14 14 24
Postal address
Bratislavská 100/D

93101 Šamorín, Slovakia
hotel / reception:
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